Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Role of Neuro-linguistic Programming in Teacher Success among EFL Teachers at High Schools            0000-00-00
2    The construct validation of a questionnaire of social and cultural capital, and its application to foreign language learning            0000-00-00
3    NLP and its relationship with teaching xperience, gender, age, and English language teacher success : A comparative study            0000-00-00
4    A Chronotopic Analysis of Cover Letters in Persian and English            0000-00-00
5    A study into psychological strategies and politeness markers used in ads as persuasive tools            0000-00-00
6    Attributional analysis of Iranian language learners at high schools            0000-00-00
7    The Impact of Glossing on Vocabulary Learning: A Comparative Study            0000-00-00
8    Giving Directions: A Cross-cultural Comparison of L1 and L2 Strategies            0000-00-00
9    Conceptions of Assessment among Iranian EFL Teachers            0000-00-00
10    Intelligence and Metacognition as Predictors of the Foreign Language Achievement            0000-00-00
11    Analysis of Teachers’ Feedback on EFL Students’ Writing: A Linguistic or Life Syllabus Perspective?            0000-00-00
12    Sociological and Psychological Model of English Language Learning: Social/cultural capitals and cognitive/metacognitive aspects            0000-00-00
13    Iranian University Students` Conceptions of Assessment            0000-00-00
14    Construction, Validation and Application of a Scale on Status of English Language Teachers at Iranian Schools and Comparing the Staus of English Language Teachers with That of Other Teachers            0000-00-00
15    Constructing and validating a Student Stroke Scale (SSS) and examining its relationship with L2 motivation            0000-00-00
16    Life-wise language teaching perceptions and teacher burnout            0000-00-00
17    Hybrid modeling of intelligence and linguistic factors in translation quality            0000-00-00
18    ٍEnglish language teachers` conceptions of intelligence and their association with teacher care            0000-00-00
19    contrastive rhetoric and the study of metadiscourse in persian and Arabic-persian learners\\\\            2009-01-13
20    investigating the relationship between learner creativity and performance in written narrative tasks    M.Sc.    Javedanmehr, Fateme    2010-01-17
21    Emprical Phenomenology of meaning death between women    M.Sc.    tabei, malihe    2010-03-06
22    Comprehension of Self and the Other in Obama’s Speeches through the Representation of Social Actors    M.Sc.    hemmaty, ashraf    2010-03-13
23    Public school EFL teachers\\\\\\\' perceptions of lockstep in-service development programs in Iran: An analysis of teachers\\\\\\\' satisfaction, expectations, and professional challenges    M.Sc.    Tatar, Khadije    2010-04-20
24    Discourse, Idetities Construiction, and Dialogism: Case Studies of Iranian EFL Learners and teachers at Private Language Schools    Ph.D    adel, smr    2010-05-24
25    Metaphor Analysis of Beliefs about Teaching and Learning in the Current and Ideal Situations: A Case of Professors and University Students Majoring in English Language Teaching and Literature    M.Sc.    Pourali, Shahrzad    2010-06-05
26    The relationship between critical thinking and successful translation    M.Sc.    Hessami, Shahrzad    2010-06-07
27    Introducing schema-based instruction as a novel approach of general English teaching and testing in Iranian academic context    Ph.D    Khaghaninezhad, Mohammad Saber    2010-06-12
28    A Comparative Study into Speech Act of Gratitude in Persian and English    M.Sc.    zarei, sima    2010-06-16
29    A Contrastive study ino thei Realization of Suggestion Speech act: Persian Vs. English    M.Sc.    sharafaddini, maryam    2010-10-27
30    A comparative study of persuasion speech act in Persian and English    M.Sc.    rasouli, parisa    2010-10-27
31    Constructing and validating a computerized test of Persian language proficiency    Ph.D    Estahbanati, Lida    2011-01-08
32    The Relationship between Personality and Effectiveness among EFL Teachers    M.Sc.    Mirjalili, Parisa    2011-04-12
33    The Relationship among Taxonomy of Thinking Processes, Critical Thinking Skills, Reading Comprehension Ability, and Vocabulary Knowledge: An Experimental and Schema-Based Approach    M.Sc.    gholampour, mahya    2011-06-14
34    طراحی و اعتباریابی پرسش نامه ارزیابی کتاب برای خواندن و درک مفاهیم 2 و بررسی رابطه آ ن با موفقیت دانشجویان    M.Sc.    Bakaian, Narges    2011-06-14
35    Construction and validation of translation teacher competency test    M.Sc.    Ashrafi, Nasrin    2011-09-21
36    Constructing and Validating Perceptions about Linguistic Imperialism Questionnaire, Applying it among Teachers, Learners and PArents and Analyzing English Language Textbooks    M.Sc.    Naji Meidani, Elham    2011-11-28
37    Construction and Validation , two questionnaire of \\\\\\\"learners\\\\    M.Sc.    Ghaviandam, Shoorangiz    2011-11-28
38    Constructing and Validating an Iranian National Identity Scale, and Examining the Role of English Language Learning and Textbooks in National Identity of Learners in Formal and Informal Settings of Learning in Iran    M.Sc.    Bazri, Elahe    2011-11-28
39    Attrbution theory and personality traits among EFL learners    M.Sc.    asghari, arezoo    2011-11-30
40    The Role of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Translation Success of EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Abaszadeh, Samira    2012-01-28
41    Enhancing Life-wise Creativity in Language Learners through Life Syllabus: An Implementation of Applied ELT Theory    Ph.D    navari farmad, safoora    2012-01-30
42    Designing an EQ-Based Language Learning Syllabus through the Application of Applied ELT Theory: A Step towards Life Syllabus    Ph.D    Ghahari, Shima    2012-01-31
43    Construction and Validation of Translation Metacognitive Strategy Questionnaire and Its Application to Translation Quality    M.Sc.    Kianian, Elahe    2012-03-05
44    The Role of Dynamic Assessment in Promoting Translation Trainees Performance    M.Sc.    Rezvani, Elaheh    2012-03-16
45    An Investigation into the Impact of Self-Efficacy and Power of Task Choice on EFL Learners\\\' Writing Achievement and Motivation    M.Sc.    vahidnia, fatemeh    2012-04-22
46    flow in testing techniques of reading: a case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Iranrad, Elaheh    2012-05-20
47    An Investigation into the Role of Studying English Language and Literature in the Development of the Moral Judgment Level of Iranian Undergraduate Students: A Step toward Applied ELT    Ph.D    Javadimehr, somayeh    2012-05-21
48    Task-based creative writing via teaching literary devices in visual advertisement    Ph.D    Yassami, Salim    2012-06-09
49    Construction and Validation of a Scale for Measuring Anxiety in EFL Textbooks, Analysis of Current EFL Textbooks, and Designing an Anxiety-reducing EFL Sample Lesson    M.Sc.    Shirdel Sarkarizi, Mahnaz    2012-11-20
50    Designing a Sample of a Self-Efficacy Enhancing Lesson Based on the Evaluation of Self-efficacy in the ELT Textbooks through the Construction and Validation of a Self-Efficacy Scale for English Language Learners\\\' Textbooks    M.Sc.    Hamedi, Mina    2012-11-20
51    Content Analysis of L1 and L2Writing Textbooks, and the Influence of Expertise of English Writing on the Persian one in an EFL Context    M.Sc.    Ghaemi, Zhila    2013-01-26
52    The Relationship between Ambiguity Tolerance and Home Culture Detachment among Iranian Foreign Language Learners    M.Sc.    Heibaty, Nafiseh    2013-01-31
53    A Look into the Association between Life-Wise Syllabus and Teacher Success: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study in an EFL Context    M.Sc.    Khosravani Fard, Hamid    2013-03-02
54    Constructing and validating a Scale of Educational Teacher (EELT) and Examing its Association with Teacher Identity    M.Sc.    Bahari, Nasim    2013-03-09
55    An Exploration of the Interrelationships Among Iranian EFL Learners’ Test-Taking Strategy Use, English Self-Efficacy, Metacognitive Awareness, and Their Test Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach    M.Sc.    Goudarzi, Elahe    2013-03-09
56    What’s in a Color? A neuropsycholinguistic study on the effect of colors on EEG brainwaves, immediate emotional responses, and English language vocabulary retention in Iranian young adults    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Seyyedeh Fatemeh    2013-03-09
57    A Qualitative Analysis of English Language Learners` Attitudes Towards the Cinderella of Language Teaching    M.Sc.    seyedabadi, samaneh    2013-03-13
58    The Role of Ambiguity Tolerance and Cultural Identity in the Academic Language Achievement: a Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Ghallasi Fakhrabadi, Zohre    2013-04-06
59    Detecting the Norms of Cultural Dimensions in Khorasan and the Influence of English Language Learning on these Norms    Ph.D    sabouri, fahime    2013-06-22
60    on the relationship between willingness to communicate and language learning strategies and ambiguity tolerance    M.Sc.    oladi, zakieh    2013-06-22
61    Developing The Identity Statuses Scale and L2 Learners\\\' Perceptions of Teachers\\\' Role in Identity Formation Scale and their Applications in EFL Settings: A Case of Formal and Informal Contexts.    Ph.D    Sayah, Leila    2013-07-01
62    Grammar-specific language impairment(SLI): A study in foreign language learning    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Amir Hossein    2013-07-13
63    Iranians’ Conception of Talk: A Closer look into Socio-psychology of Talk and its Role in EFL Speaking and Writing    Ph.D    Mohaghegh, Fatemeh    2013-09-07
64    Iranian Conceptions of (Im)politeness and its Influence on the Questionnaire as a Means of Data Collection in Iran    Ph.D    Behrooznia, Saeedeh    2013-09-07
65    Iranian Teachers’ and Students’ Conceptions of Code Switching, Designing Willingness to Code Switch Scales,and Examining their Associations with Willingness to Communicate and Foreign Language Achievement    Ph.D    Abdollahian, Golnaz    2013-09-21
66    An Investigation into the Ideological Conceptions of Foreign Language Learning in Iran: A Case of English and Arabic    Ph.D    Pourandalibi, Farahnaz    2013-09-21
67    The Impact of Attending EFL Classes on Learners\\\' Self-Concept and Self-Esteem: The Case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Taghipour, Zahra    2013-09-25
68    delving into EFL teachers and learners mindests regarding teacher effectiveness: a movement towards social conception of teacher effectiveness    M.Sc.    Andargani Tabriz, Saaber    2013-11-02
69    iranian foreign language teachers' conceptions of teacher success at public schools: a mixed-method approach    M.Sc.    Asgariyan Yazdi, Hamid Reza    2013-11-02
70    : Iranian EFL Teachers’ and Students’ Willingness to Receive and Give Feedback, and their Associations with Teacher Burnout and Learner Motivation    Ph.D    Kermanshahi, Paria    2013-11-23
71    An interdisciplinary study on the impacts of high/low power posing on EFL learners\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' oral participation level and writing boredom    M.Sc.    Zabetipour, Mohammad    2013-11-23
72    Investigating the Relationship between Grade 3 High School Students’ English Achievement and Their EFL Teachers’ Emotional Intelligence    M.Sc.    Nikbakhti, Fahimeh    2013-11-24
73    Delving into the Speech Act of Accusation: A Case of Persian and English Newspapers and Magazines    M.Sc.    seyednozadi, zahra    2013-12-31
74    A Meta- analysis on Computer Assisted Language Instruction in EFL/ ESL Educational contexts    Ph.D    Vahedi, VahidehSadat    2014-01-09
75    Detecting the Motivating and Demotivating Factors of Iranian University Students Majoring in EFL and Proposing a Model of Motivation/Demotivation in EFL Education    Ph.D    zeynali, shiva    2014-01-11
76    ٍExamining EFL Learners' Cultural Attachment and its relation to Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control and their Educational Achievement    Ph.D    Hejazi, Mahshid    2014-01-16
77    The Relationship between EFL Learners' strategies,their preferred learning styles and English Achievement    M.Sc.    Aleabbas, fahimeh    2014-01-18
78    Designing and Validating Attributional Complexity and Its Relationship with Students\\\' Cultural Intelligence    Ph.D    Azizi, Zeinab    2014-01-25
79    Designing and Validating Temporal Intelligence Scales for Language Teachers and Learners, Investigating the Role of Temporal Intelligence in Burnout, Self-regulation and Learning Verb Tenses, and Conducting a Chronotopic Comparison between English and Persian Research Journals    Ph.D    Naji Meidani, Elham    2014-02-15
80    Their Conceptions of Teachers’ Initiation of Joint Attention in EFL Learning and a Model of L2 Achievement Based on Emotional, Social and Cultural Capital    Ph.D    Piri, Somaye    2014-02-15
81    Iranian EFL Learners’ Cultural and Spiritual Intelligences and their Associations with their Language Achievement    M.Sc.    Khojasteh pour, Sara    2014-02-15
82    Construct Validation of a Questionnaire of the Washback Effects of the Iranian Ph.D. TEFL Entrance Exam on its Candidates: Examining the Effect of Candidates’ Characteristics on their Educational, Economic, Social and Psychological Status    Ph.D    KHEIRKHAH, HASSAN    2014-02-22
83    Designing DIR EFL Sample Lessons and the Analysis of Iranian ELT Textbooks through the Construction and Validation of Scales for Measuring DIRability and Language Learning Emotional Attachement and its Implementation in Emotional Engagement, Language Learning Emotional Attachement, and Vocabulary Le    Ph.D    Rostami sarabi, sarah    2014-03-08
84    effect of using think-aloud as a method of teaching reading strategies to secondary student's comprehension: Examining comprehension achievement on their self-efficacy in reading    M.Sc.    baradaran khaksar, matin    2014-03-08
85    the impact of scaffolding on advanced EFL learners' reading comprehension and reading strategy use    M.Sc.    molavinasab, saeedeh    2014-03-15
86    A Study into the Future of English Language Teaching in Light of English Language Teaching/Learning Technology    M.Sc.    Yaghooty, Samira    2014-04-05
87    Investigating the Role of English Language Learning and Literature Classes in Learners’ Narrative Intelligence and the Reflection of Narrative Intelligence in English Language Learning Textbooks    Ph.D    Shatery, Hafez    2014-04-19
88    Life-Responsiveness in Iranian EFL Context: Perceptions of School, University, and Private Institutes Teachers and Learners    M.Sc.    mansourian, mona    2014-05-17
89    Habitus Analysis of Iranian Female Teachers of English, Arabic, and Persian Languages at Public Schools: A Mixed Methods Study    M.Sc.    khaleghi, shima    2014-06-11
90    Promoting Learning-Oriented Assessment Through Identifying Factors Underpinning EFL Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy and Successful Language Learners' strategies    Ph.D    Rahimi, Siamak    2014-07-06
91    Constructing and Validating a Teacher Stroke Scale and Examining Its Relationship with Burnout    M.Sc.    yazdanpour, hamide    2014-07-06
92    Exploring Beliefs of Iranian EFL Learners, Teachers, and Policymakers about English Language Proficiency    Ph.D    pazhouhesh, mohammad    2014-07-15
93    An Investigation into the Relationship of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence with Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Iranian EFL Faculty and Non-Faculty University Instructors: A Mixed-Methods Approach    Ph.D    Rokhsari, Siavash    2014-07-19
94    observing and interviewing EFL teachers in creating self-efficacy in classroom environment,and examining their learners' view points    M.Sc.    farrokhi, mahtab    2014-08-30
95    Iranian EFL University Professors' Conceptions of ELT Globalization, Localization, and Glocalization (GLG) and Localized Textbooks: Designing and Validating an ELT GLG Scale (GLGS) and Examining its relationship with Teacher Success    Ph.D    Rezaei, Javad    2014-08-30
96    Examining the Relationship between Learning Organization Culture and Knowledge Sharing Intention Emphasizing the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among EFL and non-EFL University Instructors in Iran    Ph.D    BARANI, GHASEM    2014-09-27
97    Eximining the Relationship between EFL Learner`s Stroke Scale ,WTC, and Motivation ,and their Roles in English Language Acievement.    M.Sc.    amouzegar, elaheh    2014-11-29
98    The triadic roles of categorical versus hypothetical deontic conceptions,approaches to learning,and goal orientation inIranian Upperintermediate EFL students' reading performance    Ph.D    Dehnad, Vida    2014-12-27
99    Stroke Analysis of Persian, Arabic, and English Female Teachers in the Context of Iranian Schools    M.Sc.    Irajzad, Fateme    2015-01-11
100    Development of Syntactic Complexity in the Writing of Iranian EFL College-Level Students: A Corpus-Based Study of Complex Noun Phrases    M.Sc.    Ansarifar, Ahmad    2015-03-09
101    Pinpointing and delving into the factors that influence stroke among EFL teachers and learners    M.Sc.    hosseini, sara    2015-03-09
102    Exploring the Effect of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence On Reading Anxiety and Willingness to Read among Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Shams Zadeh, Shima    2015-03-09
103    TESOL & Identity Interventions Emerging Adult EFL Learners’ Identity Status and Intervention-Related Changes; An Exploratory Study    Ph.D    Rahimzadeh, Hadi    2015-08-25
104    Femininity/Masculinity and Stroke in Teacher Success: A Case of Iranian Private Language Institutes    M.Sc.    Noorbakhsh, Zahra    2015-10-12
105    A mixed methods approach to culturally responsive classroom management (CRCM) in EFL education in Iran. Designing and validating a CRCM scale    Ph.D    Shiriaminloo, Masoumeh    2015-11-16
106    The Influence of Stroke on "Willingness to Attend Classes" (WTAC) and Foreign Language Achievement: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    rajab nejad namaghi, fatemeh    2015-11-23
107    Emotionalizing Conference Genre Through Community of Practice: An Experimental study into Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    amini, somayyeh    2016-02-08
108    Life Syllabus and Emotionalization in Molding Ethnocentric Views: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    shakeebaee, golshan    2016-02-08
109    Assessing the Effect of Emotioncy-oriented Teaching Model on Non-Persian Female Students’ Level of Learning Cultural Issues, Emotioncy, Emotions, Flow, Cultural Intelligence, Learning Styles, and Attitude in Iran    Ph.D    Ebrahimi, Shima    2016-03-14
110    Emotioncy and Willingness to Read: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Borsipour Golkhatmi, Behnoosh    2016-03-14
111    Examining the Relationship between Flow, Emotioncy and Reading Comprehension: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Shahian, Leila    2016-04-17
112    Components of Subtitling Expertise: Introducing a Pedagogical Model    Ph.D    Rastgar Moghaddam Tafti, Mohammad Reza    2016-08-28
113    Psychological Characteristics of Iranian Literary Translators: An Exploratory Research    Ph.D    Shadman, Nazanin    2016-09-06
114    Development and Validation of an Inventory on Teachers’ Beliefs about Action Research (ITBAR) and Identifying Factors Which Affect These Beliefs Based on Actor-Network Theory    Ph.D    Rahmani Doqaruni, Vahid    2016-09-07
115    Conceptions of Intelligence and Ambiguity Tolerance in Teacher Burnout: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers    M.Sc.    zhaleh, kiyana    2016-10-30
116    Examining Psychological Reactance and Stroke in Teacher Success from Iranian EFL learners’ Viewpoints    M.Sc.    amini, asieh    2016-10-30
117    Examining the Impacts of Emotioncy-Based Language Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners’ Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Employing Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERPs): A Case of Sentence Comprehension    Ph.D    tabatabaei farani, sahar    2016-11-06
118    An Investigation into the Neurocognitive Effects of Emotioncy-Based Instruction on the Iranian EFL learners’ Language Comprehension: Evidence from Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERPs) during Semantic Processing of a Sentence    Ph.D    Shayesteh Sadafian, Shaghayegh    2016-11-06
119    The Effect of Word Repetition on Language Comprehension and Retention in Light of Emotioncy-Based Language Instruction: An ERP Study on Semantic Processing of a Sentence    Ph.D    Jajarmi, Haniyeh    2016-11-06
120    Investigating Cognitive Load, Sentence Comprehension, and Level of Task Difficulty in Light of Emotioncy: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Azam Nouri, Nazanin    2016-12-11
121    Investigating Writing Revision Strategies of Skilled and Novice EFL Students    M.Sc.    valinia, shima    2016-12-18
122    Development and Validation of a Sensory Emotioncy Types Scale and Examining its Relationship with L۲ Willingness to Communicate, Motivation, and Language Achievement: A case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    makiabadi, hossein    2016-12-18
123    Envolvement and examining its association with teacher's burnout and investigating the relationship between teacher's emotionalization and students' motivation: a case of EFL teachers and learners    Ph.D    Zarei, Sima    2017-01-01
124    An Investigation into the Roles of ELT Textbooks’ Reading Emotions, Emotioncies, and Visual Attention in Reading Engagement and Achievement: Evidence from Scale and Eyetracking Analyses    Ph.D    Hamedi, Seyyedeh Mina    2017-01-15
125    A Quantitative Study on Iraqi EFL Learners’ Conceptions of Stroke with Respect to Teachers’ Age    M.Sc.    Abdulhussein, Salman    2017-01-22
126    A Probe into Iranian EFL Learners’ Emotioncy as a Source of Test Bias: Insights from Eye Tracking and DIF Analyses    Ph.D    karami, maliheh    2017-01-22
127    The Role of Teacher Personality in Teaching Style    M.Sc.    ESHAGHI, SOODEH    2017-01-22
128    A Lexical profile of L1 Persian Learners' Spoken Discourse in English    M.Sc.    farkhondehfal, elmira    2017-01-22
129    What Strokes You may not Stroke me: Designing and Validating Learner Stroke Quotient Scale and Examining Iranian EFL Learners’ Stroke Quotient    M.Sc.    Sakhtkar Haddadi, Moein    2017-01-29
130    Language Identity, Investment, and Imagined Community among Iranian English Language Learners: A Mix-Methods Study    Ph.D    Soltanian, Nahid    2017-02-19
131    A Socail theory of Human Motivated Behaiour: Findings from Foeiegn Language Learning    Ph.D    Fathabadi, Jassem    2017-02-20
132    Examining Iraqi EFL Students’ Conceptions of Stroke: A Case of Gender    M.Sc.    Al-jaid, zainab    2017-02-27
133    designing a new measure of text readability in light of emotioncy    M.Sc.    behrooz, shabnam    2017-03-13
134    Gender Delineation in High School EGnglish Textbooks:...........    M.Sc.    ghalibafan, hamideh    2017-03-13
135    َA qualitative study into the heart of trans-emotioncy: a case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Iman    2017-03-13
136    Into the Heart of Emotioncy: A Qualitative Account of Iranian EFL Teachers' Conceptions of Trans-emotiony    M.Sc.    Khorram, Omidreza    2017-03-13
137    Examining Passage Dependency in IELTS Reading Comprehension Tests Through its Relation to IQ: A Probe into Test-taking Strategies    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Mahdi    2017-05-01
138    Non-Observance of Grice’s Conversational Maxims in Discourse of Humor and its Role in EFL Learners’ Text Comprehension: A Mixed-Methods Comparative Study    Ph.D    Amirsheibani, Morteza    2017-05-21
139    Examining the Effects of Multiple Intelligences Teaching (Linguistic, Interpersonal, and Visual) on Learning Style, Motivation, and Learning Grammar (A Case of Intermediate EFL Iraqi Students)    M.Sc.    hasan hameed, maryam    2017-07-02
140    Development and Validation of English Language Teacher Emo-sensory Practice Scale and Examining its Relationship with Teacher Effectiveness: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers in Language Institutes    M.Sc.    Zargar, Maryam Alsadat    2018-01-07
141    Designing and Validating Scales on Emo-sensory Preferences of EFL Learners and Teacher Care for Students’ Emo-sensory Preferences and Their Relationships In An Iranian Context    M.Sc.    Mohtasham, Mohammad    2018-01-15
142    Development and Validation of Willingness to Receive Stroke Scale and Examining its Relationship with L2 Willingness to Communicate and Motivation:A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    KORMI, SEYEDEHSAMIRA    2018-01-15
143    Identifying Emo-Sensory Preferences of Iranian EFL Learners and Examining Emo-Sensory Stroking Behavior of EFL Teachers    M.Sc.    Moghimian, Maryam    2018-03-12
144    Representation of Cultural Items in American English File: An Analysis in Terms of Kachru’s Concentric-Circles Model    M.Sc.    Beheshti Nasab, Maedeh    2018-03-12
145    A Cross-cultural Study of Politeness Strategies in Performing “Disagreement”: A Comparison of Persian and English Speakers    M.Sc.    mohammadian, sayed mohammad    2018-03-12
146    Educated Iraqis’ perceptions of the status of English from a linguistic/cultural imperialism perspective in the Iraqi ELT context: A mixed-methods study    M.Sc.    ALHARES, SAJA    2018-03-12
147    The Relationship Among Emotionalization, Shyness, Willingness to Attend Classes, and Their Influence on Foreign Language Achievement: The Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Advar Marian, Atieh    2018-03-12
148    Exploring the Relationship between Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Age, Gender, Years of Teaching Experience ‎and Burnout and its Impact on Students’ achievement    M.Sc.    Al - Khafaji, Zahraa Abdulkareem    2018-03-15
149    sensory strokes and teacher credibility in foreign language achievement; a case of Iranian study    M.Sc.    Ghandehari, Asma    2018-06-30